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Instantly Detect Fake Candidates.

TurboCheck's Digital ID Verification empowers you to identify fake candidates using only their email and phone number in less than 10 seconds.

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Stop wasting time and money on fake candidates

Candidate fraud is rampant in IT/tech recruiting. Dishonest candidates not only wastes valuable time and resources but also jeopardizes the integrity of the hiring process.
Fake Resume
Candidates with no experience submit totally false resumes featuring fictional skills, and fictional employers.
Bait & Switch
A qualified talent takes the interview. A less qualified or sometimes completely unqualified individual shows up for the job.
Bench & Switch
Slimy sweatshops recover 100s of H-1B visas, bring unskilled people to the USA, and place them with inflated skills as “immediately available” tech workers.
Moonlighters have with the skills and work experience to shine during the selection process. They work two full-time jobs at the same time afterwards.
Job Farmer
Job Farmers take moonlighting to the next level. They 'work' 3-10 full-time jobs at the same time. Very little (if anything) gets done.
Sweatshop Agent
A skilled candidate is just the façade of a sweatshop overseas. They are more organized, more sophisticated, and can be a threat to cyber security.

How do you stop fraud before it costs you?

Fakers are going to fake. Collect more data, identify patterns, validate everything, and put them to the test. Most importantly, use technology to do the work for you.
Fraud Detector #1
ID Digital Verification

Cross-check people’s identity with the most comprehensive digital lookup available with data from 40+ U.S. online sites, including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Atlassian, and many more. Candidates who submit false resumes often don't use their true identity.

Device fingerprinting
Fraud Detector #2
Reference Checks With Device Fingerprinting & ID Verification

Take the guesswork out of your screening process. Two individuals with the same device ID leave no room for error. They are the same person. Furthermore, harness technology to identify references that are mere "empty shells" fabricated by the candidates themselves.

Device fingerprinting

Fight against the fakers fist

Start detecting fraud from day 1.