What is TurboCheck?

We're a fraud detection platform that empowers recruiters to confidently connect with trustworthy candidates, while thwarting fraudsters and dishonest applicants.

Create a secure, transparent, and fraud-free recruitment landscape.
Customers first, more data, bias never, and integrity always.
Empowering and seamlessly integrated into every recruitment system.
Our Story

TurboCheck's origins can be traced back to our CEO's modest beginnings after graduating from college. Despite strong credentials and a dedicated work ethic, the quest for job opportunities proved quite challenging. In 2012, Emmanuel launched Terefic — a reference checking platform catering to both job-seekers and recruiters. Leveraging the power of references as a standout factor, the platform also appealed to recruiters seeking to streamline their screening process. A prevailing concern echoed from the IT/tech recruiters using the Terefic platform: The rampant existence of counterfeit resumes and candidate scams constitutes a grave impediment, siphoning valuable time and corroding the integrity of the hiring process. This dilemma sparked the birth of TurboCheck, a pioneering solution currently undergoing patent review. TurboCheck instantly identifies fabricated resumes and deceptive applicants in less than 10 seconds.

TurboCheck is based in Austin, TX.


Our Leadership

Fight against the fakers fist

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