Reference Checks
For Fraud Detection.

Hire faster, with confidence. Detect candidates who try to mask lies on their resume and/or poor past performance with fake positive references.

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Stop fraudsters before they join your team

Let's be honest. Most references are positive. Verifying their authenticity is the true test to validate new hires. We typically find that 10-15% of candidates engage in deceptive practices. Detect bad performers, moonlighters, sweatshop agents, and simply dishonest candidates before they create damage.
Detect forgery and suspicious activity before it costs you
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95% faster than traditional checks. Save time and money.
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Create new talent pools based on verified references
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100% of fabricated references provide positive feedback on your candidates.

Automated, fast & revealing

Transform weeks of manual checks into an automated, one-click process yielding more data than phone calls. Two individuals with the same device fingerprints are the same person. Leverage Terefic's embedded ID Digital Verification tool to spot references that are mere "empty shells" fabricated by the candidates themselves.
Request sent
Choose from 150+ IT surveys,
or create your own questions.
Candidate responds
Verify digital ID, and
capture device fingerprints.
References respond
Verify digital ID, and
capture device fingerprints.
Review fraud analysis
Identify "empty shells",
and compare device fingerprints.

Gain comprehensive feedback and fraud analysis - faster

Obtain detailed feedback from legitimate, real individuals within just a day or two. Identify fraudulent activities and enhance your final decision-making with data that predicts post-hire success.

Get feedback within 24 hrs

User-friendly experience for everyone

TurboCheck reaches out to the candidates and their references via emails and SMS text messages. The application is user-friendly and optimized for desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience across all devices.

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Fight against the fakers fist

Start detecting fraud from day 1.