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ID Digital Verification

Instantly uncover fabricated personas and fake resumes, using only the candidate's email and phone number.

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Mitigate risk by verifying your candidate's digital ID

Email addresses and phone numbers are the digital IDs we employ to access online services. Most people have at least 5 digital and social profiles – but candidates who submit false resumes often use throwaway emails and phones without such history. TurboCheck offers you an opportunity to swiftly identify risky candidates, warranting extra caution.
Discover candidates' hidden digital footprint
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Use publicly available data to cross-check information
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Save costs by flagging risky candidates
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In today's digital age,
every genuine candidate possesses a digital footprint.

Uncover your candidates' true identity

TurboCheck has the most comprehensive digital and social media lookup module available. Check more than 110+ digital and social media sites for a wealth of data, including user avatar, bio, and profile info.

We check for suspicious behaviors

  • Check markNo digital or social profiles
  • Check markRecently created Linkedin profile relative to work history
  • Check markBogus email domains
  • Check markDisposable VoIP phone numbers
  • Check markNo record of email history
  • Check markDifferent names associated with email or phone number
  • Check markUnverified identity on social media
Device fingerprinting

Fight against the fakers fist

Start detecting fraud from day 1.